Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Destination Delaware :: Wed. 4/11/07

getting here...was a new experience. i was stressed all the way through DC, especially on the 495 beltway. my trip went well...folks were pretty nice and let me change lanes. i had to pull over once to check out my tow dolly and i'm glad i did cause my car had shifted a bit. not a major deal, but i had to re tighten the tow straps. i was so happy to get over the Bay Bridge. after that, my stress level went down and i enjoyed the rest of the trip. i was able to get my bike and car unloaded...i needed help with the bike.

the tow dolly worked great, but my car is not well suited for towing on the dolly. actually, its a royal pain in the sits way too low, no clearance. i love my car, but it's not practical. after this experience, i'm really thinking hard about selling it.

my site is fantastic! no traffic noise, at night i can hear the horn on the buoy out in the channel. i can see most every star in the sky. my site is huge with so many trees on one side it'll be hard to count them! my yard is a mix of pine needles and sand. i have a very nice deck with a picnic table, a fire ring in the sand...and best of all full hook ups! i have super nice neighbors (also camp hosts) and they are camped a good ways from me. i have no neighbors on the other side, just sand pines. the beach is a short bicycle ride across the road.

i start my host duties tomorrow...i settle in today. its nice to be at the beach! : )

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