Wednesday, July 25, 2007

High season at the Cape :: 7/25/07

I'll probably stay here in Lewes through September, maybe October. We'll see what happens. I got a job waiting tables to make some extra cash and unfortunately, the people who own the place are idiots...nice people, but they are poor managers. We've had 5 or 6 people quit just since the 4th of July. I'm planning to do the same too as soon as I find another way to make some extra cash. I need to pay off my medical bills and try to get some money saved up.

I'm also working at the park 24 hours a week and I'm really liking it. I'm doing an assortment of duties so the variety is good. The park is balls to the walls BUSY! We usually close the park on the weekends because it fills to capacity. The campground is always full...never an empty space all week. People drive from all over the place to come here. A guy drove straight through from Ohio just to come camp here with his wife and kids. Says he's been doing this since he was a kid. I was just amazed by this.

I'm still doing freelance consultant work. I've been sending out my resume' all over the place looking into marketing and promotions gigs for the fall and winter months. Hopefully I'll find work somewhere warm. I hate the thought of being up north for another cold winter. I'm also wheeling and dealing with some folks in DC to let me handle their marketing. I could do that remotely from the laptop and phone, head south, maybe Florida, fly up to DC once or twice a month to do my business. I did this a few years back and it wasn't a bad set up.

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