Monday, July 9, 2007

Lyme Disease, the Jeep, etc. :: Mon. 7/9/07

I'm still working on the identity thing...hopefully I'll have it cleared up by September. I'm waiting on my social security info to be cleared up. Apparently, that's the big hold up right now. Nope CA isn't in the cards for me this year. Maybe in the future.

It's been a weird year for me health-wise. As you know, I was ill and wasn't able to leave Bull Run when planned as a result. Well, I had only been on the job for a month at the State Park here at the beach when I was bitten by a deer tick and contracted Lyme Disease. I've been on antibiotics for a month now...just finished them...and I go for my blood test next week to see if the drugs stopped the Lyme Disease. I got all the classic symptoms and I've felt pretty crappy all during the month of June, but I caught it early, so my new doc is very certain the drugs she prescribed will kill it completely. I'll keep you posted. Of course, the med bills are killing my purse. What else is new? (Sarcasticly I ask.)

Let's see...I bought a Jeep. It's a nice looking Jeep, but it doesn't run for shit. It's been in the shop for two weeks now. It's a money pit. I thought I was getting a good deal, as I thought all it needed was a carb. As it turns out, it needed an entire new fuel injection system and a few other things...the few other things I could deal with, but but the fuel injection set me back a bunch of money. I still have no idea when the Jeep will be ready. The plan is to sell the much as I LOVE the car...I hate the payments. But looking back, if I had known that I would be investing as much as I am in the Jeep, I would have just paid it all towards the car. Who knew?

Anyway, I ended up getting a job waiting tables for extra cash and also because I've been bored out of my skull. I only work part time at the park and I needed a little more to keep myself busy. Now I gogogo all the time! I'm finally starting to feel better and I'm trying to get back into shape.

Well, that's about it from here. I'm doing laundry and my sheets are dry so I'll be running along.

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