Saturday, September 8, 2007

Greetings from Chicago! :: Saturday 9/8/07

I'm in Chicago. I drove my car and left everything back at the beach. I was going to bring the coach, but the Jeep has a hole in the gas tank and the gas tank has to be replaced…another $600.00 expense! I hope this is it for the Jeep. I’ve dubbed it “The hole in the pavement I keep repairing.”

The car is comfy, so I brought it. I actually enjoyed the drive though it was long, but very picturesque. I'm staying with my friend Steve who lives about 25 miles north of the city in a very quaint little town on the lake.

I've been scoping out the club scene here as I've been offered a position as general manager of a very large nightclub. It's huge and looks like a totally '80's bar. It needs to be updated and brought into the year 2007 for sure! I'm still undecided. We'll see what happens.

I have another job interview lined up on Tuesday in downtown Chicago and that's the job I really want to land. It pays very well, plus full bennies. Keep your fingers crossed.

Who knows where I'll end up.

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