Monday, October 1, 2007

High Dune Adventure :: 10/01/07

I hope this update finds you well and happy as cooler weather settles in. I love autumn at the beach!

I finaly made it back to the state park in Delaware...although I'm no longer in the same camp site. I went to Chicago at the start of September to do a couple of job interviews. They went well, and I was offered a lucrative marketing and promotions position, but I decided against moving there...too cold and harsh in the winter! I guess it's can't pay me to be that far up north in the winter! LOL

I visited a beautiful state park, beach and campground just an hour out of Chicago called Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. The water was emerald green, the beach and dunes were stunning. I visited the campground and was quite impressed! The sites are manicured have water and electric and every road and site is completely paved. There are many beautiful sites, several where you can pull your rig right up to the side of a dune with paths that take you directly to the beach with no more than a 5 or 10 minute walk.

The park also has many wooded areas with lots of paths for exploration. They have a camp host program with a 2 month limit as they like to have turnover with their hosts. They say their goal is to provide a nice experience for hosts and they encourage hosts to come and enjoy the park. The manager's name is Brandt if you ever decide you'd like to host or visit. It gets 5 stars in my personal book because of the cleanliness, friendliness, and overall beauty of the entire facility. You'll find shopping and places to eat just 5 miles outside the park.

I also visited a state park in Illinois called Illinois Beach State Park. I wasn't as impressed with this park, but it was quite beautiful. The campground was much more rustic and very large and spread out. It was a completely different experience from Indiana Dunes...not in a bad way, but the natural setting (plants, etc.) was much different although in the same general part of the country. The beach wasn't as breath taking as the one in Indiana, but was still very nice. I'll give this park 3 and a half stars out of 5. It's still worthy of a visit. Also, the little town just outside the park is quaint and offers shopping and restaurants.

Upon my return to Cape Henlopen we had a new round of volunteers, the summer hosts had left except for myself and another guy. A very nice shady space opened up in youth camping on the other side of the park and seeing as how I've been in charge of youth camping all summer, it only made sense for me to move my rig over there. It's very quiet when the kids aren't there, complete solitude would best describe it. I have the place all to myself. The beach is within walking distance and there's a hawk's nest in a tower which is directly across the street from me. It makes for great bird watching. I really like the new location although cell phone reception is spotty at best.

I'm planning to stick around here through October as they need the help. All of the full time employees are gone and the park is relying on all of the volunteers to take up the slack. The weather here has been amazing...sunny and very warm. The park has been packed with visitors on the weekends and it seems more busy than usual during the week as well. Needless to say, there is plenty to do for those of us who have elected to stay on through autumn.

I would very much like to make it up north towards the mountains in New York State before I head south. I've been working on two contracts and have a third coming. I'm hoping to travel up that way to see the fall colors (if I can break away) before heading to a warmer winter climate. I'm thinking of heading back to Florida for the winter or preferably out to the western states...maybe Arizona, Nevada, or Southern California. Of course, it depends on which way the wind blows and where the good Lord drops my feet. At any rate, I'll keep you posted and let you know what develops.

I've also been busy taking care of a few loose ends from events that transpired over the course of the year. Finally, my identity woes are settled and my health is much improved so I can start looking forward to a new adventure. 2007 surely has been a doosey!

In the meantime, I see I've managed to write a mini-novella, so I'll close for now.

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