Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Heading to Calli!

Good news! I've made a plan!

I'm leaving San Antonio for Del Rio the last week of March. A very dear friend of mine relocated to Del Rio to work at Laughlin AFB and through email, we reconnected. I'll explore Del Rio for a few days, maybe head down to Mexico and then push on to Silver City, NM. I hear that part of NM is amazing on motorcycle so I'll spend about a week, maybe more there. Then I'm headed to Tucson to bike and explore that area. I'll probably stick around there for a week and then blast off for CA. I have a friend in Los Angeles who just had a baby and she's invited me to visit. We'll see. I leave my life loose and enjoy being spontaneous. My summer gig is waiting in Northern CA, so I should really try to be up there by the end of April so I can get settled in.

I've been planning my trip from Arizona to NorCal and it looks like it'll be a challenge. Hopefully, with enough forethought it won't be quite as challenging as my trip to Texas.

One can only hope...and pray!

Until next time!

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