Monday, March 31, 2008

I finally made it to New Mexico!

Well....I'm on the road heading west! (Let's all do a happy dance!)

I didn't make it to Del Rio as I had intended as the coach needed a new spare tire. Of course, the only time I could get in to have this taken care of was on the Friday I was planning to head to Del Rio. I had the service performed at Potranco Automotive in San Antonio, TX. Please note, they did not honor their original quote claiming they couldn't get the tire they quoted. My spare tire ended up costing me $300.00! Quite a bit more than the original quote! I felt the sting of the old "bait and switch". What could I do? They knew I was leaving town and I didn't have much of a choice. That really sucked for me!

(Before going any farther, I want to thank my friends Dave and Larry who helped me load my car and motorcycle onto my tow dolly. The bike didn't quite make it up the ramp and thanks to these two wonderful guys a disaster was averted. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I couldn't have done it without you!)

I left San Antonio on Friday afternoon after finishing up with the tire replacement. I made it as far as Ft. Stockton, TX where I spent the night at a lovely little RV park right off of I-10 at Warnock Road, Ft. Stockton RV Park. I think the best thing about this former KOA campground is they have a full service cafe (Roadrunner Cafe) serving breakfast and dinner at great prices. Menu prices top out at $8.95. I had the catfish dinner and portions were generous. Their convenience store stocked all of the necessities including beer and wine! The park is quiet and it was easy to get in and out of my pull through space. All sites are gravel, not much shade, but well kept. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The only negatives I can comment on is placement of the the sewer hookup which is located far away (to the rear of the sites) from the electric/water hookups. You'll need an extra long hose to reach or you can do what I did...hit the dump station on your way out. Also, they claim to have free WiFi, but while I was there I could never get connected. There is no CATV. Amenities include: pool, playground, horseshoe pit, basketball court, outdoor BBQ pit/patio and laundry facility. Rates are reasonable. Using my Good Sam discount I paid $24.30 for one night.

The next stop on my journey west was in Deming, NM. A quaint little (tiny) town, where (as my good friends Dave and Audrey told me) all the action can be found at K-Mart and WalMart both of which are conveniently located right next door to each other. I stayed overnight at Little Vineyard RV Park located on Business I-10. This park was busy (in and outs) and a bit noisy, but nice. All sites here are loose gravel, not much shade, but I did manage to find a site with a tree affording me shade in late afternoon. The laundry facilities are nice and clean and inexpensive, only $1.00 per load to wash and dry. They advertise free WiFi, but I was only able to connect one time. It didn't work 99% of the time. CATV worked perfectly! Rates are reasonable. Using my Good Sam discount I paid $22.25 for one night. Visit Little Vineyard
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I made it into Silver City, NM on Sunday...hitting WalMart to do my grocery shopping before heading over to my current location at a really neat RV park, the Rose Valley RV Park (just one stop light away from Wally-Mart). Wow! This place is great! I was going to stay downtown, but I'm glad I ended up here. Situated about a mile outside Silver City, Rose Valley is off the highway so it's very quiet. The park is large: 44 quietly secluded acres and looks just like a rustic old-timey western cowboy town circa 1800's, but with modern amenities. This park is gorgeous...very new and well planned. There isn't much shade as most of the trees are young and not fully grown. When designing the park, it's evident the owners went out of their way to preserve the natural vegetation and beauty of the land. All pull through sites are long, wide and spacious, though all are not level...not surprising considering the park is located in the middle of the mountains. Back-in sites are a bit smaller yet are still quite spacious. Each campsite has a privacy barrier which is made from sheets of tin attached to large upright rough-hewn posts and logs which make for a nice front yard and wind break. WiFi here is also free and once connected, it works perfectly! There is no CATV. Amenities include: fitness room, laundry, and group facilities.

Rates here are a bit more expensive than other RV parks in the area, but in this case you get what you pay for! I plunked down $180.00 for a week's stay in a pull through site. Pull through sites are $180.00 per week regardless of length of stay. I was thinking of upgrading and staying for the month for $300.00, but when I checked with the front office, they only had two spaces available for the month of April at a rate of $400.00 per month. Apparently the $300.00 monthly rate applies to back-in sites with an electric pay for your electric usage separately. Back-in sites without a meter are a flat $400.00. I think I'll continue to move west when my week's stay is over as I'm not crazy about the two remaining sites. Let's hope I can fit all of my adventures in! Visit Rose Valley
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My front yard in New Mexico

Desert blooms

New Mexico Visitor Center

New Mexico Visitor Center 2

The road to Silver City

New Mexico Mountains

In my next blog...City of Rocks, Gila Cliff Dwellings, The Catwalk and more!

Until next time!

~Barb :-)

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