Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greetings from Russian River!

Holllllyyyyy Smokes!

It's been an entire month since I've blogged.

Well, I've been super busy...sorry I haven't written lately. I have so much to share with you, but for now, this will be an update to let you know where I am and what I'm up to. I'll write more about my adventures later.

I've taken a position 5 miles from the California coast and 30 miles west of Santa Rosa in the tiny little town of Duncan's Mills, population 85, elevation 35 ft. I'm camped on the Russian River. It's very rustic here, just my style. I found this job on a lark actually, just by happenstance. Originally, I was supposed to take a position in Gualala about an hour north of here on the coast. It didn't work out...nothing bad happened, it just wasn't meant to be. So, I retreated to Santa Rosa for a week where I planted my butt in the parking lot of the fairgrounds, sent out my resume and got busy looking for a host position. I called campgrounds around the Santa Rosa area and heard there were openings at a place near the coast. I called and yep, they had openings as several hosts canceled due to high fuel prices, a blessing for me!

I drove out to chat with the manager and because they had no cell signal, I left without doing an interview. It was a Friday night and they were slammed! I didn't want to waste his time, so I headed back inland. He emailed me that evening and asked me to come back out the next day as the cell tower was to be turned on "any day now". So I gave it a second chance, took the position and so far, so good! I work 24 hours per week, all hours paid and I get a FHU site with CATV and WiFi. Also, this is a real working ranch, complete with cows, horses, ducks and geese. I really get a kick out of the geese, that's for sure! They've become accustomed to having me around (those crazy ganders) as I enjoy feeding them almost daily. They come running and cackling when I break out the feed. I'm the "corn lady", lol!

I'll admit, I am glad to finally be in a non-moving mode for a change. I've been a gypsy for a while now and I'm road weary. It's been an incredible trek coming from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific...a magical and majestic journey, but I'd like nothing more than to settle in for a time and do no more driving. So far, I've been working on marketing stuff, graphic design, helping the campground place ads for staffing, editing their website, doing television production for their cable channel and I've landed a part time job in Guerneville, the summer capital of the Russian River, a San Fran favorite. It's good to be here. I'm trying to get out and make new friends and so far everyone has been very nice!

I'm really enjoying NorCal. I'm camped smack in the middle of wine country. It is absolutely gorgeous here! Wine is $3.99 for a mouth watering bottle of excellent wine. It's all so delicious and abundant. Back East we have rows and rows of corn in the field. Here they have rows and rows of grape vines stretching on for miles, as far as the eyes can see. The weather is pleasant, although it's very chilly and windy at the coast. It's quite warm inland and everyone escapes the heat by heading to the river or west to the ocean. The coastline is jaw dropping, rugged, pristine, and so different from the Eastern Atlantic shore.

California is amazing! It has everything...desert, mountains, oceans, incredible rivers, volcanoes, geysers, snow...I've never been to a more diverse place.

Check out this slide show to see my recent Calli pics:

I'll admit, I'm a bit homesick as I miss my friends, but NorCal is being very kind to me. I'm working and making money, meeting and making new friends and having a really great time. I'm so happy!

I plan to stick around here until October and then head to Southern Calli (San Diego or maybe Palm Springs)...or maybe back to Tucson for the winter months. I'm not really sure yet...still too early to tell. Anyway, I'm leaving everything in the very knowledgeable and capable hands of God and the Universe...!!

It's nice not to be in charge of what happens and to let everything simply...unfold.

Until next time!

~Barb :-)

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West Sonoma said...

Welcome to the Russian River.
I live close to you in Monte Rio, and my family has had a cabin on the Russian River for almost 100 years.

Graphic arts. I am currently working on a humble startup.

No income yet, and would be volunteer.

All video media based. Looking for creative person to see where it can lead.

1 month old and content be aquired as we speak.

Let me know if your interested.