Monday, August 11, 2008

3 more weeks...

Just when the weather finally warms and I put on shorts and a tee-shirt:

3 more weeks...

...and summer is over! Well, if you're the kind of person who thinks summer ends after Labor Day. In the work-camping world, Labor Day Weekend is pretty much the end of summer. For me, this means no more noisy large crowds at the campground. It also means it's time for me to be looking for a new spot to park my coach, a new front yard. So...alas, the search has begun. I've enjoyed my time here at Casini Ranch, but layoffs are imminent as they'll be cutting their payroll. The axe will fall the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I've fallen completely in LOVE with this part of the country. I've made great friends and shared really wonderful moments with them. We've spent time hiking the picturesque and rugged Pacific coastline and coastal mountain range, had many inebriated moments (that I can barely remember, thank God for Mudslides!) poolside at the resort, eaten the best Mexican food (I've ever tasted) at the picnic table in front of the Guerneville taco truck, danced, and danced, and danced some more, laughed, been a little naughty (yay!), consumed many bottles of lip smacking delicious Sonoma and Napa wine, been witness to some of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen God paint...and let me just say this:


So, I'm boycotting the end of summer.

I refuse to let my Summer of 2008 come to an abrupt halt, just because some idiot (somewhere) got the notion that summer ends the day after Labor Day.

NO!!!! Emphatically NO! NO! NO!!!!...summer doesn't officially end until the Autumn Solstice, so I will continue to enjoy all that this little slice of heaven called "Russian River" has to offer. I will soak up every available moment of bliss and revel in it with uncontrollable delight.

Anyway, when summer does finally tuck itself into bed for much needed rest, it's only the beginning of...


...and I like Autumn. She's often been very kind to me and I have no doubt she has many pleasant surprises in store, though I am glad I brought warm clothes. It's gets chilly here!

Warm fires among the California redwoods and snifters of port wine with dear friends await. Suddenly I feel the sweet lightness of being as I look forward to embracing these moments to come.

The Summer Knows

The summer smiles
The summer knows
And unashamed
She sheds her clothes
The summer smoothes
The restless sky
And lovingly
She warms the sand
On which you lie
The summer knows
The summer's wise
She sees the doubts
Within your eyes
And so she takes
Her Summer time
Tells the moon to wait
And the sun to linger
Twist the world
Round her summer finger
Lets you see
The wonder of it all
And if you've learned
Your lesson well
There's little more
For her to tell
One last caress
It's time to dress
For fall...
And if you've learned
Your lesson well
There's little more
For her to tell
One last caress
It's time to dress
For Fall...

-- A. Bergman

Until next time!
~Barb :-)

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