Wednesday, July 25, 2007

High season at the Cape :: 7/25/07

I'll probably stay here in Lewes through September, maybe October. We'll see what happens. I got a job waiting tables to make some extra cash and unfortunately, the people who own the place are idiots...nice people, but they are poor managers. We've had 5 or 6 people quit just since the 4th of July. I'm planning to do the same too as soon as I find another way to make some extra cash. I need to pay off my medical bills and try to get some money saved up.

I'm also working at the park 24 hours a week and I'm really liking it. I'm doing an assortment of duties so the variety is good. The park is balls to the walls BUSY! We usually close the park on the weekends because it fills to capacity. The campground is always full...never an empty space all week. People drive from all over the place to come here. A guy drove straight through from Ohio just to come camp here with his wife and kids. Says he's been doing this since he was a kid. I was just amazed by this.

I'm still doing freelance consultant work. I've been sending out my resume' all over the place looking into marketing and promotions gigs for the fall and winter months. Hopefully I'll find work somewhere warm. I hate the thought of being up north for another cold winter. I'm also wheeling and dealing with some folks in DC to let me handle their marketing. I could do that remotely from the laptop and phone, head south, maybe Florida, fly up to DC once or twice a month to do my business. I did this a few years back and it wasn't a bad set up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life at the beach :: Tues. 7/17/07

Well, there is no lack of work to be done at the park. It is BUSY! No one has to fight over stuff to do anymore that's for sure. We had it good in April and part of May. Now it's work, work, work! That's not a bad thing at all, except it's amazing how the tourists can be so scanky. The pier is always filthy and no sooner do you get it cleaned up, people are throwing trash down. It's the same in the campground and generally speaking, in the entire park.

I don't really do trash pickup or outdoor stuff anymore. I was bitten by a deer tick and ended up with the beginning stages of Lyme Disease. Luckily I caught it early and got on the antibiotics immediately. I go for my blood test next week to make sure I'm cured. I now help with the Youth Group camping. I do check ins and check outs and I do light maintenance on the dorms and group camping facilities. (The park lost their youth group camp host, so I stepped in.) I love it and it keeps me busy! I continue to design advertisements and fliers and I also work in the camp registration booth one night a week.

My, my, my! It's been a nightmare! The Jeep has been in the shop for 3 weeks now. I haven't gotten to enjoy it at all since I bought it.

The folks I bought it from told me all it really needed was a carburetor to get it running right, but that wasn't the case at all. I had to replace the entire carbbed fuel system with a fuel injected system to keep it within emissions...very expensive! I could have done a cheaper repair, but it would not have passed the sniff test and if I ever wanted to sell the Jeep, I would have had a hard time doing so. The 4 wheel drive also didn't engage properly so that was another issue of importance. Then there were the minor issues such as a new muffler, small oil leak, the need for a new radiator and a couple of very minor things...and those were things I knew about and had budgeted for, but the fuel injection was totally unexpected. So far, I have close to $6,000.00 into the Jeep.

My mechanic called me yesterday and told me he hopes to have the Jeep fixed for me this week as he'd like to move it out of his shop...he also said he's sure I'd like to enjoy it instead of stopping by to visit it once a week. He's right! I've taken a part time job as a waitress to help pay for the Jeep repairs and pay down the rest of my medical expenses from my tumor removal and the Lyme Disease. I'm not's just that I'd really like to have a little fun in my Jeep! To be honest, God has blessed me with a fantastic mechanic and the Jeep runs very well. My mechanic told me that when he's through with it, it'll be practically brand new! Shoot, almost every part on it has been replaced!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Lyme Disease, the Jeep, etc. :: Mon. 7/9/07

I'm still working on the identity thing...hopefully I'll have it cleared up by September. I'm waiting on my social security info to be cleared up. Apparently, that's the big hold up right now. Nope CA isn't in the cards for me this year. Maybe in the future.

It's been a weird year for me health-wise. As you know, I was ill and wasn't able to leave Bull Run when planned as a result. Well, I had only been on the job for a month at the State Park here at the beach when I was bitten by a deer tick and contracted Lyme Disease. I've been on antibiotics for a month now...just finished them...and I go for my blood test next week to see if the drugs stopped the Lyme Disease. I got all the classic symptoms and I've felt pretty crappy all during the month of June, but I caught it early, so my new doc is very certain the drugs she prescribed will kill it completely. I'll keep you posted. Of course, the med bills are killing my purse. What else is new? (Sarcasticly I ask.)

Let's see...I bought a Jeep. It's a nice looking Jeep, but it doesn't run for shit. It's been in the shop for two weeks now. It's a money pit. I thought I was getting a good deal, as I thought all it needed was a carb. As it turns out, it needed an entire new fuel injection system and a few other things...the few other things I could deal with, but but the fuel injection set me back a bunch of money. I still have no idea when the Jeep will be ready. The plan is to sell the much as I LOVE the car...I hate the payments. But looking back, if I had known that I would be investing as much as I am in the Jeep, I would have just paid it all towards the car. Who knew?

Anyway, I ended up getting a job waiting tables for extra cash and also because I've been bored out of my skull. I only work part time at the park and I needed a little more to keep myself busy. Now I gogogo all the time! I'm finally starting to feel better and I'm trying to get back into shape.

Well, that's about it from here. I'm doing laundry and my sheets are dry so I'll be running along.