Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here on my blog. My excuse is this: There hasn’t really been very much to write about. Everything is totally status quo, at least for now.

I’ve been busily working on a couple of contracts…trying to learn the tricks of a new trade, government proposal technical writer and editor. So far, so good! The work has been steady, the pay is good…although the money is slow to arrive. I’ve cut way back on entertainment and outgoing expenses, except for the occasional downloaded movie from MovieLink, having a night out of pizza and wine with my friend Irene and I did get to finally hang out and get caught up with my pal Leanne last time I was in the DC area. We spent an afternoon exploring at The Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria...FUN!

By the way, Leanne has a "green" blog you might want to check out at: It's filled with a ton of useful information and links and you can follow along with she and her husband's adventure as they build a totally "green" eco-friendly home together using materials they gather and harvest from their land in West (by God) Virginia.

I did manage to make it to Virginia for Thanksgiving with my very dear friends the Trumbetic family. This is our seventh Thanksgiving together. We met back in 2000 when I experienced my very first back surgery. They looked after me and took care of me, helped me through my recovery. They are my extended family and I love them very much! It was good to see everyone again. I can't believe how the kids have all grown into Jr. adults. It completely amazes me how fast kids grow...UP! Dinner was fabulous and I have leftovers for days!

Today I’ll do Thanksgiving all over again with my best friend Susan. We scored a Tofurkey from the local health food store in Del Ray (Alexandria) and we plan to prepare it with all the goodies. Her daughter couldn’t make it up from Texas for turkey day, so we’re planning a mini feast and a relaxed day of burping and belching after we’re stuffed to the gills!

Life at the park has been good…a bit on the cold side, but not too bad really. It’s the wind that has been ferocious! I’m glad I moved my rig over to youth camping. I have more shelter there than I had at the family campground. My coach doesn’t shake quite as much in my new location. Visitors coming into the park have tapered off, though we do get busy on the weekends with surfers, hikers & bikers, the fishing pier has been busy, and we’ve had youth groups in for camping every other week. Actually, we have groups in about 3 times a month, so I stay busy. There’s always trash to be picked up, I’ve been doing grounds maintenance and I’ve been working on graphic design stuff. Half of the sites in the family campground have been closed and soon the water will be off. I’m surprised at the amount of people who have been camping in the cold and rainy weather. Die-hards!

My contract at the park ends in a few weeks and I still have no idea where I’m heading, nothing like serendipity, right? It seems as though nothing is coming together for my trip to warmer weather for the winter. Plus gas prices are going through the roof. I did the math and with prices at almost $3.50 a gallon in most places, it’ll cost me about $3 thousand just for gas round trip to go south and come back. UNBELIEVEABLE! As sad as it seems, I’m considering putting my coach into winter storage and renting a room for 4 or 5 months. It’ll cost much less. To be perfectly honest with you…I am VERY sad about this. I DO NOT want to do this! My coach is my HOME. I wish I could find a place to winter. It makes me sick that gas prices go up during the holidays. The greedy bastards who run the oil companies hike the prices when they know demand is high. It really hurts everyone, not just me. I have several friends who have changed their travel plans because they can't afford to make it home for the holidays. It's just so heartbreaking to know that people can't be with those they love because they can't afford to buy gasoline.

It totally sucks, but life goes on and it looks like I might be stuck inside brick and mortar (no, no, no!!) this winter…unless a miracle happens. I’m praying for a miracle! God always looks out for me and I have no doubt where ever I land…I’ll be exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing…I have so much to be grateful for...

…and on that note, I’ll close for now!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Barb : )